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Dee Williams phat booty love

Dee Williams, with her sexy short golden hair and a captivating smile on her plush lips, knew exactly how to please her black boyfriend. She loved the way he would always admire her phat white booty, running his hands over its soft curves and planting kisses all over it, shoving his face deep between her ass cheeks. He was a man who knew how to worship a booty.

She had been thinking of him all day while he was at work, longing for the moment that she could pounce on him when he walked in the door, giving him the ass that he had been fantasizing about all day too… Their heated sexual passion for each other was truly spectacular, and their ass worship sessions were pure fireworks!

With a deep, raspy voice that sent shivers down his spine, she moaned in pleasure as she told him, “What a comfortable seat you look like! Let’s see how I fit!” Her seductive words were met with an eager nod from her man, his eyes filled with desire.

With a mischievous glint in her eye, Dee slowly lowered herself onto his face, making sure he could feel every inch of her voluptuous behind. She reveled in the sounds of his muffled groans as she rubbed herself against him, sitting on his face, using his face as her own personal throne.

“Ohh, you’re just too cute down there,” Dee cooed, caressing him. “Is this too much for you? I thought you said you liked my ass.” She giggled playfully before giving him another whiff of her intoxicating scent.

Feeling bold and empowered with her man under her control, Dee decided to up the stakes. “If you can make it to 10, I’ll give you a special treat,” she purred seductively. Her partner eagerly accepted the challenge, knowing he would do anything for a chance to please his gorgeous girlfriend.

“One…two…three…” Dee counted as she continued to grind on his face, each movement igniting an inferno of arousal within them both. Her lover struggled to keep himself composed as she reached higher numbers, already feeling close to losing control.

“Nine…ten!” Dee announced triumphantly as she finally allowed him to catch his breath. But Dee had even more in store for her lover, and for you too, in so many videos on Ass Devotion…

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