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Joslyn James’ big white booty reward

As I watched my black boyfriend kneel before me, worshipping my thick tattooed ass, a wave of pleasure washed over me. My name is Joslyn James and I am a pornstar, known for my incredible curves and insatiable sexual appetite. And tonight, my booty would be his reward.

I couldn’t help but smirk as he devoured every inch of my ass, his hands gripping tightly onto my hips. It had become our routine – every time he did something good at work, I would allow him this precious time to worship my ass. To show his devotion and submission. And in return, I would give him the ultimate pleasure.

Joslyn James rewards her black boyfriend with her big white booty

I could see the longing in his eyes as he kissed and licked my ass, begging for permission to take it further. He was like a hungry animal, desperate for a taste of what he craved most in the world.

And I couldn’t resist teasing him a little more. “Don’t you just love having this big white booty as your sweet reward after work?” I purred, knowing full well the effect those words had on him.

He groaned in response, his tongue still darting deliciously over my skin. “Yes,” he whispered hoarsely. “I love your thick juicy ass so much, and I want it so bad!”

The power rush from having him beg for me was intoxicating. But ultimately, I wanted to please my man and fulfill his desires. So with a wicked grin, I gave him the green light.

“Every time you do something good at the office,” I began, practically purring with excitement, “you get to come home and worship this fat ass.” It was like giving him a gift that kept on giving – motivating him at work and satisfying his deepest fantasies.

And oh, how he worshipped. His hands roamed all over my curves, his lips and tongue leaving wet trails of worship behind. My body hummed with pleasure as I indulged in the sensations he was creating.

But then, just when I thought things couldn’t get any hotter, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” I called out, knowing it could only be one person – you! You, my dear friend who shared my love for interracial ass worship.

And as soon as you entered, your eyes locked onto my boyfriend’s face buried between my cheeks, your own lust evident in your expression.

“Mmm, looks like you’ve got quite the reward here,” you commented to him with a smile, joining us on the bed.

My boyfriend eagerly welcomed you into our intimate moment, offering up one of my ass cheeks for you to join in on the fun. And before long, we were all lost in a sea of pleasure and passion, driven by our shared love for this taboo and sensual act.

As I lay there, completely immersed in ecstasy and surrounded by these two amazing men who loved me and my thick white booty so intensely, I knew that this was where I belonged. This was my reward – not just for you naughty boys but for myself as well. For being confident and unapologetic about my desires and embracing them fully!

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