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Oily heat with Summer Hart

The summer has yet to officially begin, but the heat is already scorching. And it’s not just from the rising temperatures. No, it’s all thanks to the stunning oily redhead known as Summer Hart.

This golden goddess captivates Oiled Tease audiences with her alluring beauty and sensual energy. And on this day, she’s ready to take things up a notch with some scintillating jerk off instructions. With a bottle of oil in hand, she addresses you with a sultry smile.

“I know how much you love stroking for me,” she purrs. “How much you love stroking for my oily body… How shiny it is.”

Her velvety voice really does something to you, making your cock harden as your hand tightens around it, and you eagerly await her next command.

Hand on your cock,” she instructs, but you’re already there. “I control your orgasm. I tell you when and if you’re allowed to cum.”

With her words alone, she has total control over your pleasure. And you are more than willing to submit to her every desire.

“Faster for me,” she demands. “And I want your hand going over the tip every time. That sensitive tip. Right over the tip for me.”

As she speaks, her own hands glide over her slick body, glistening in the soft light. She knows just how to tease and please, keeping viewers like you on the edge of ecstasy.

“I know how much you love my tits covered in oil!” she moans, rubbing the slippery liquid over her ample natural tits.

With each passing moment, the tension builds higher and higher until finally, she gives her approval.

“Now,” she breathes heavily. “Cum for me now.”

And like the obedient follower you are, you reach your peak and explode with pleasure at her command, jizz flying all over your hand, full relief achieved.

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