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Daisy Ducati gives her Valentine some ass

We had agreed that we wouldn’t do any presents for Valentine’s Day, so I thought of how else I could surprise my significant other. After all, I’m pornstar Daisy Ducati. I should be able to think of something to please my boyfriend… We had been together for a while, and one thing about him was unmistakable — he had a complete addiction to my big, juicy, round ass. As soon as the idea popped into my head, I knew it was settled — I was going to sit right down on his face and let him enjoy it! It’s a gift for me too when Miss Daisy Ducati gets her ass eaten! Happy Valentine’s Day to both of us and our insatiable ass fetish!

Daisy Ducati sits on her boyfriend’s face for Valentine’s Day

When the day finally arrived, I couldn’t help the butterflies fluttering in my stomach as I made my way toward him. His face lit up when he saw me come through the door, and without saying a word, he gestured towards the bed. My ass was on his mind, every inch, every curve. He knew by my sexy red lingerie that I was ready to present my booty to him, but could he predict what a gift it would really be?

I moved closer to him, standing at the edge of the bed with my back facing him. His breath tickled my skin as he leaned forward to press rough kisses against me. I melted into him, arching my back as pleasure shot through my body at his touch. His hands were everywhere — gripping onto my thighs and cupping my butt. And then finally, after what felt like an eternity of anticipation, I slowly lowered myself onto his face. Could he even breathe with all that ass smothering his face? Oh, he didn’t care. He just wanted all those curves to cup his face, for my ass and pussy to slide up and down his mouth and nose, to take a taste and smell of the soapy clean goodness of my perfect ass.

He gasped out loud as I finally sunk down onto his mouth and chin. He wrapped his arms around my waist and began worshipping me with fervor — each kiss along my voluptuous curves more passionate than the last one. Every inch of my ass was thoroughly explored by his tongue and fingertips until there was nothing left untouched or unexplored. His lips trailed their own path down towards the soft crease between my legs and back up again. Each movement sent shivers racing up and down my spine until I was completely overwhelmed with ecstasy beyond anything I had ever experienced before. I had to wonder, is it really his ass fetish or mine?

In that moment everything stopped — time stood still as pleasure coursed through our bodies like electricity being released!. When we both came to our senses afterwards, I looked deep into his eyes and saw something new behind them — love, admiration… even devotion. Ass Devotion, that is. My boy toy said this Valentine’s Day gift was the best he’d ever received! And you know what? It was mine too!

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